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Since 1994, Bourgogne Aujourd'hui is a first-rate contemporary magazine of Burgundy wine.

Reading contract:

Bourgogne Aujourd'hui allows you to discover, in all simplicity, Burgundy wines through tastings, the dossiers, gastronomy, restaurants and regions; combining the modern and the esthetic. The Catalogue of Burgundy appelations allows readers to buy wine carefree.


  • 43% in France
  • 32% in Burgundy
  • 25% abroad and subsribers in 43 countries


Bourgogne Aujourd'hui federates experts and amatures. 68%: amatures of fine wine and cuisine, big buyers of "luxury wines". 32%: The professionals: cellarmen, sommeliers, importers. Male at 80%, buyers of luxury and culture, and who don't count when stocking their cellars.

Technical information:

  • Inception : 1994
  • Average distribution 25 000 copies
  • Publishing 6 magazines per year, available in kiosks the first of every even month. Availability in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada. By subscribtion
  • Price: 6€
  • Format 220 x 287 mm
  • Prices PQ 2013: Rate PQ 2013 :€ HT
  • Advertising

Special editions of Bourgogne Aujourd'hui:

Beaujolais Aujourd'hui (April and August) French Cremants (December)

Special editions

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