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Bourgogne Aujourd'hui shows you the flavour of Burgundy.

By the company whose headquaters is in Beaune, Côte-d'Or. Written by professsional journalists, without concessions or bias, Bourgogne Aujourd'hui studies all themes regarding Burgundy wine, and from wines in general to gastronomy and life style: appellations, vintages, interviews, biographies of winemakers and negotiators, technique, economy, history, culture, products of the terroir, chefs, addresses of good restaurants, the pairing of dishes and wins... In each edition, complete catalogues are made from blind tasting and present the best Burgundy wines, from 5 to 200 euros per bottle. Every year, the Ecrivin company also edits special issues about Beaujolais wines and Cremant from France and Luxembourg with, here as well, catalogues and presentations of companies, millesimes, appellations, chefs de cuisine, technical articles, etc.

Kiosk selling price: 7€ (Bourgogne Aujourd'hui without special issues) and 7.50€ (with special issues).

Annual subscription: 38€ in France, 49€ abroad (price difference for postage)

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